5 Techniques To Become A Lucrative Content Writer

Lucrative Content Writer


Lucrative Content Writer


Content writing for can be an ambition for some. Some writers who do content writing end up being successful authors. Unfortunately, many content writers end up writing product description than becoming outstanding authors.

The fortunate content writers have an advantageous life. They work from home and work at their own time.  Their working hours depends upon their availability. They can decide their own working hours.

They can work at a time which is convenient for them. Many of the writers have a difficult time making money from writing.  They do not have the ability to succeed in this field. They may have the knowledge about the necessary techniques. Regardless of the gift of writing they may possess, it is not sufficient. They need these 5 techniques to become a lucrative content writer.

1. Lucrative Content Writers should accomplish different writing techniques

Each writing form has its own technique. The news is written in short newsy paragraphs with the headline of the story on top.  Blogs are written in one’s own style.  It is privy, friendly and assertive. An Ad copy is precise and influential. White papers are lengthy. They outline the problem and give the solution. Non-withstanding these writing techniques all these writing styles are content.  If content writers accomplish these writing techniques they become more important and sought after.

2.  Outstanding Content Writers Do Not Choose Unplanned Subjects

The adage that describes the content marketing industry’s innovative method of finding a topic, caption, and element to write about is “Ideation”. Nearly all “Ideation” is done in a team environment.  But freelancers are solely responsible.  Hence it is beneficial to understand in which manner the competent marketing team brings new concepts to the fore.

Prior to moving forward an outstanding content writer has to

Know their audience – Content Marketers call it building a “buyer’s persona”. Content writers write for their audience.  If they know who their patrons are, they can write what their audience wants to read. They do not write for themselves, their brand or organization but for their audience.

Execute a keyword search – A search performed in a website revealed that the keyword content writing is more preferable than the keyword content writer. The search also showed that writing how-to posts are popular.

Analyse your competitors – Check out what outstanding content the competitors in your industry are sharing. To gather more information you need to do a complete research. It gives you loads of information not only about what your competitors are sharing but also about who is linking to their content. It shows who is blogging about their content and sharing it on social media.

Make an interesting headline – After you have an insight into keywords, your readers and your competitors take a little time to pick your niche and artfully create a headline that will interest your readers. The headline urges a reader to decide whether to read or not. The most crucial element in your post is the headline and the meta description.

3. Be Original To Be Successful 

This is for the sake of your reputation. Originality should be portrayed in all the posts that have your name mentioned. It seems crazy to be unique with thousands of posts on the internet writing about the same subject. But it not so difficult as it seems. Every writer has the capability to bring a different voice, a unique viewpoint or a reveal a different perspective on an exhaustive subject.

 Plagiarised content is unacceptable for SEO. It is bad for you as well as your employers. By taking preventive measures you can protect your reputation and your career as a writer. Use an online plagiarism checker before you submit your work. With so much of content out there it is not difficult to unintentionally repeat the same writing. 

4. Knowledge Of SEO HTML CSS And WordPress is necessary

Do Not Worry. You only need to know the basics.  Wordpress themes have different levels of automatic functions. The only way to make your text turn out the way you would like it is to delve into text/HTML tab and change the code to make a title tag or solve a spacing problem. Learning the basics is worth your time and effort.

Updating your SEO knowledge is also important. There is a constant change in search engine algorithms and writers need to keep themselves updated. One thing that is constant is good quality content. If you can write comprehensive content with a unique outlook you will be in demand.

5. Social Media Specialisation  Is The Need Of The Hour

Having a name and a reputation for yourself is important. Everything that you need comes within your grip with the help of social media. Building an audience, communicating with writing experts and meeting publishers becomes a fun thing to do. Your followers are more likely to recommend your blog if you are very active on social media.  Success also comes to those content writers who are active on social media and like to reach out to people.

Now you can think about being successful as a writer.  When content is added to a writer it stops being only words on paper. It becomes more than just writing. They are marketing experts, SEO specialists HTML coders and social media savvy. If you have the expertise you will find that you have the perfect job.



What Does A Content Writer Do Anyway

Content Writer De-Mystified

If someone asks me what I do, I say I am a content writer.  Quite frequently they are uncertain what content writer means. They have a good reason to be doubtful. It is not one of the self-explanatory job labels.  This is because content writing has to remain adjustable and accessible as possible.  Content writers have many different roles to perform. Question 10 separate content writers about the tasks they perform during the day.  You will probably get 10 different answers. The fact is the work of the content writers comprises of more than producing articles or blog posts. Let’s take some time to simplify the job of a content writer. If we can take a look to gain an insight into what content writers do we will be able to understand why we need a content writer anyway.


What Does A Content Writer Do Anyway


Defining A Content Writer

For some writers, writing online content is similar to journalism. They supply articles to e-zines corporate blogs and other such communities on the web. Still, many content writers spend their time writing entirely for small businesses. Some of them even write for government websites. Content writers can work as a full-time employee. They can also be independent contractors(freelancers). They are an authority in SEO and proficient in HTML. They are reporters, experts comedian, and salesperson all mixed up in one. They can write about any genre or topic. They are the funnel and the loudspeaker that expresses your thoughts in the world. When used efficiently content writers are the key to success on the web.


Defining A Content Writer


The role of a content writer is very hard to define. This is merely because they have to play diverse roles for diverse people. But they do share a few things in common. Let’s take a peek at some of the important features that build up a content writer. Let us explore how those features would enhance the way you would communicate with your web audience.

They Are Researchers

Regardless of who they are writing for or what type of matter it is, a content writer is a first a researcher and a then a writer.  In most cases the content writer will be handling a subject he or she is not accustomed to. They must do enough research to make sure that all the information provided in their article is factual, up to date and doesn’t differ from the company’s actual communication. Adequate research is the groundwork for excellent content writing. For those who were curious-this article is an infrequent deviation to the rule. I absolutely understood these things in advance.


They Are Researchers


They are editors

In a few instances, the instructions or the current copy that the content writers receive is in short terrible.  Many times they sit down to watch a barricade of poorly formatted, misspelled, continuous flow of thoughts, first drafts and start the back-breaking task of modifying and refining it. It is an intelligent substitute for cleaning up others bedroom and they don’t even want to know what has caused the mess. Yet they smile and do it because eventually brainstorming for you to look and sound good is what their work adds up to.


They Are Editors

They are designers

While a content writer assembles a writing for a website, e-zine, blog or newsletter he or she does not have to only ascertain that the article is written well. The piece also has to have a proper layout and has to be correctly presented on-screen. With a brilliant and imaginative arrangement of heading and subheading, the content writer assures that your writing does not look like an invincible barrier of text. A great content writer can accept your complex concepts and change it into a more understandable and approachable piece of copy that delights your readers and keep more attention on you.

They Are Designers

They Are SEO Expert

A content writer does not only write 500 words article on how great your product is and call it quits for the day.  A good content writer will make sure that along with your content being original the keyword has been researched and analyzed to drive the best traffic from search engines to your website. They understand the importance of an excellent headline and relevant keyword density and maintain the best and modern SEO practices. They make sure that the methods they are using are most efficient. If you have been watching your search ranking decreasing a content writer can bring you out from the hole of SEO stillness.

They Are SEO Experts

They are your Friends

Lastly, a good content writer should not be just one of your employee or an executive. They are your friends in the chase for online presence. They do what they do because they want you to succeed. If you are successful they are successful. Considering the fact that businesses are flourishing with a content writer in your team, they know that this is because of their relationship with their employers. If you require a friend who knows how to do research, great editing, interesting designing, and appropriate SEO techniques to take your web content to the masses then you require a content writer.

They Are Your Friends